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Facebook group Musicians in Solidarity with Refugees

Musicians Without Borders

Stories of Sanctuary

Stories of Sanctuary is a community songwriting project that brings together Syrian refugees, local residents and students in County Durham through creating songs together. Through sharing personal stories of seeking sanctuary – from old folk Celtic stories to recent, raw and difficult accounts of fleeing Syria to the North East  – new songs have been created, a professionally produced music album has been recorded and Stories of Sanctuary have been on a tour across the UK. 

Visit their Facebook page.

The album is available now via this link.

 Youtube Channel


‘City of Sanctuary’ by Sam Slatcher, inspired by Durham’s history of sanctuary

‘Lean On Me’ by One Heart Refugee Choir and friends (released as a charity single Christmas 2017)

Rafiki Jazz sing Ghazal ~ Har Chand Sahara

‘The Politics of Kindness’ by Paul Field

Haymanot Tesfa performing traditional Ethiopian song ‘Ambassel’ at a Refugee Week event at the British Museum in 2016