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Coming soon – Limbo

The MUBI feature length film, LIMBO is coming to cinemas in the UK & Ireland from July 30 with a Q&A in a few cinemas beforehand.  It has been nominated for Outstanding British Film and Outstanding Debut at the 2021 BAFTA Film Awards.  Comedy is a great way to raise awareness of the struggle people seeking sanctuary face.  See the synopsis and trailer below and encourage your friends to check it out.

The long wait for a decision for an asylum claim to be heard is often known as “limbo” and  is a terrible waste of people’s lives. The backlog in the asylum system has grown. Please see the new report from the Refugee Council ‘Living in Limbo: A decade of delays in the UK asylum system’  which reveals the shocking growth in the backlog of people awaiting an initial decision and the hugely damaging impact this has on individuals and families who are living in a state of prolonged uncertainty and anxiety.

See also the excellent interview with Ben Sharrock the Director which discusses the implications of the new Borders Bill.


Ben Sharrock’s critically adored deadpan comedy-drama Limbo is a wry, funny and poignant cross-cultural satire that subtly sews together the hardship and hope of the refugee experience, shining a light on the hearts and lives of those at the centre of a crisis that is mostly only experienced through the headlines. 

Set on a fictional remote Scottish island, Limbo tells the story of a group of new arrivals awaiting the results of their asylum claims. It centers on Omar (played by rising star Amir El-Masry), a young Syrian musician who, thousands of miles from home, finds himself trapped by guilt, regret and the grief that he carries for the loss of his former identity. Separated from his family and burdened by a plaster cast on his arm, Omar wanders the epic landscapes searching for answers to a complex past and daunting future. 

But while he is stuck there, he isn’t alone. In between brief long-distance conversations with his parents and passing interactions with oddball locals, Omar and his new flatmates attend outrageously misjudged ‘cultural awareness’ classes, binge Friends boxsets, and debate attending the local open mic night, all the while waiting for the delivery of letters that will ultimately determine their future.