In partnership with West Yorkshire Playhouse and other interested theatres around the country, we have introduced a Sanctuary Award for Theatres of Sanctuary.
This award is part of a larger Sanctuary Awards initiative launched by the City of Sanctuary movement.

Central to the assessment process are the Core Values established for other Sanctuary Awards:

  • Learn about what it means to be seeking sanctuary; and be actively involved in awareness raising.
  • Embed – take positive action to make welcome and inclusion part of the values of your organisation or community, to support sanctuary seekers and refugees, and to include them in your activities.
  • Share your vision and achievements; let others know about the positive contribution refugees make to our society and the benefits of a welcoming culture to everyone.

When a theatre expresses interest in becoming a theatre of sanctuary, a small group representing the theatre community should be appointed to gather evidence and consult service users. This group will work with the local City of Sanctuary group and trustees and produce a portfolio of evidence showing:

  • The actions taken to promote a culture of sanctuary within the theatre.
  • The plans to make this an ongoing and sustainable endeavour.
  • The ways that the theatre plans to make its services more accessible for refugees and asylum seekers.
  • The commitment of the community of the theatre (including staff in all areas of theatre life, actors and producers, patrons and client representatives) to promoting sanctuary at all levels of theatre life.
  • The plans to take the concept of becoming a theatre of sanctuary to other theatres and partners within the world of the arts

The evidence will then be evaluated by a group including trustees, local and national City of Sanctuary representatives and refugees. Suggestions may be made as a result of this evaluation.
The award will be made at a mutually agreed public forum and displayed in a public place such as the theatre reception. It will then be reviewed at agreed intervals.

Contact your local group and / or [email protected] for more information about becoming a Theatre of Sanctuary.

Here is a Theatre of Sanctuary Power Point Presentation which we used at a meeting in Manchester.